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Recommendations based on our experience


The majority of our customers live off-grid. The difference between our off-grid customers and those using other batteries is that ours do not have to make major lifestyle sacrifices. They use appliances pretty much like those who live on the grid.

While certainly every household is different, we have found that our off-grid customers usually do fine with any of the three systems in the table below with 5-hour output ratings of 12 kWh ($14,500). The number of solar panels needed to make systems work through the darkest months of the year varies by lattitude. The total cost, including inverters, solar panels and other gear is roughly $20,000 in Arizona. The most northern U.S. lattitudes pay up to $30,000 for the same functionality.

Grid Tie

We recommend half the number of batteries for grid-tie configurations--the two configurations rated at 6 kWh in the "Watts: 5-hr output" column.

The unique aspects of our battery make our recommended configuration quite different than the usual grid-tie. The household runs directlly from the batteries. Solar charges the batteries. Only if all household demands are met, and the batteries charged, is the excess power sent to the grid. This is best for the household, because utilties do not pay nearly the rate for electricity than they charge to consumers. It is better for utilities, too, because the variability of the power they receive is reduced. All of this possible because Zapp Works batteries don't degrade from use.

Unique batteries, so configuration is also unique

Unlike any other battery, you can completely discharge Zapp Works batteries without shortening life. Also unique: Charge at a higher voltage to completely recharge in as little as 30 minutes. These unusual properties make selecting and configuring the solar panels, inverter and charge controller quite different from other batteries. We work with each and every customer to make sure that the components are harmonized to ensure optimum performance.

Our prices listed with actual tested performance

One universal truth: All batteries produce more total output when discharged more slowly, e.g., with less power being drawn. Another truth that applies to all batteries: The per-cell performance of a battery--made up of a number of cells--is always lower than the performance of one single cell. With this in mind, consider these factors when comparing.

Other battery companies run a single cell at the (low) power level required to finish discharging at 100 hours. This is not representative. First, discharging 1 cell for 100 hours will produce more PER CELL than discharging 10 cells for 100 hours. Second, no one cares how much power is available as a result of discharging for over four days (over 96 hours).

Keep in mind that, after a complete discharge, a lead-acid battery used for such a test is pretty much destroyed.

Our approach: We provide representative data. Rather than using a single cell, and then unrealistically multiplying by the number of cells in a battery cell, we offer test results for a 10-cell battery. And we don't offer test results beyond 58 hours.

Also, keep in mind the time to charge lead acid vs. Zapp Works batteries. Per Battery University, lead acid charge time is 12–16 hours and up to 36–48 hours for large stationary batteries. Compare that to as little as 30 minutes for Zapp Works.

Zapp Star 250
Voltage Price Watts: 5-hr output
Watts: 58-hr output
12 V $3,950 3 kWh 8.3 kWh
24 V $7,500 6 kWh 16.6 kWh
48 V $14,500 12 kWh 24.9 kWh

Zapp Star 500
Voltage Price Watts-5 hr rate
Watts: 58-hr output
12 V $7,500 6 kWh 16.6 kWh
24 V $14,500 12 kWh 24.9 kWh
48 V $29,000 24 kWh 49.8 kWh

Zapp Star 1000
Voltage Price Watts-5 hr rate
Watts-58 hr rate
12 V $14,500 12 kWh 24.9 kWh
24 V $29,000 24 kWh 49.8 kWh
48 V $58,000 48 kWh 99.6 kWh

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Zapp Works gladly consults to ensure the entire configuration is optimal.

Maintenance and Warranty

During Zapp Star Battery installation, we add a 1/4" layer of consumable grade mineral into the electrolyte. All you need do is keep the water level between the two level lines by adding distilled water. Provided you perform this maintenance, a two-year warranty is provided.

Made in the USA
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