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Zapp Star Discharge Curves

Zapp Star Battery Specs

Dimensions of the 250 Ah 1.2V nominal cell:
10.5" x 6.25" x 22"

When maintaining your Zapp Star Battery, it is important to add a 1/4" layer of consumable grade mineral on the electrolyte and keep the water level between the two level lines by adding distilled water when indicated. If the water level drops below the lower level line, carbon can build up on exposed plates. This will weaken the battery capacity. If this happens, flushing the battery with distilled water and refilling with new electrolytes will return the battery to 100% capacity. Changing the electrolytes can be expected every twenty years (20) years. By rule of thumb only change the electrolytes when the battery capacity drops. With proper maintenance a two-year warranty is provided.